PEF statewide officers are elected every three years by active, dues-paying members of the union. When available, Triennial Election guidelines and petitions will be posted on our Elections Page. The next administration will be inaugurated in August 2024. To contact any PEF elected officer, please use this form and be as specific as you can with your question(s).

Office (Click for Bio) First Name Last Name
President Wayne Spence
Secretary-Treasurer Joe Donahue
Vice President Sharon DeSilva
Vice President Randi DiAntonio
Vice President Darlene Williams
Trustee Christopher Buman
Trustee Bruce Giddings
Trustee Muriel Hardy-Lee
Region 1 Coordinator Michele Iorfida
Region 2 Coordinator Shelby Wisneski
Region 3 Coordinator Leisa Abraham
Region 4 Coordinator Gina Corona
Region 5 Coordinator David Dubofsky
Region 6 Coordinator Christopher Dunham
Region 7 Coordinator Barbara Stransky
Region 8 Coordinator Danielle Bridger
Region 9 Coordinator Diane Jaulus
Region 10 Coordinator Mohan Radhakrishna
Region 11 Coordinator Bernadette O’Connor
Region 12 Coordinator William Holthausen


PEF Executive Board and Council Leaders

PEF Departmental Directors