Darlene Williams
Darlene Williams

Darlene Williams spent the last 30 years serving as a PEF leader, from council leader of Bronx Psychiatric Center, to this year’s contract team chair, to Region 10 coordinator.

“My early years as a ‘boots on the ground’ union activist provided me with a profound understanding of PEF contracts and a vision for developing health and safety and workplace violence programs to keep members safe,” Williams said.

Williams is passionate about membership engagement.

“I want every member to share my love for PEF and be inspired to get union work done,” she said.

As contract team chair, Williams understands the importance of educating members and seeking diverse viewpoints to enhance the union’s bargaining power at the contract table.

“I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the contract, such as grievances, timekeeping, workplace violence and short staffing,” she said.

Williams served as chair of the PEF Professional Conduct Committee; as a board member of the New York Council on Occupational Safety and Health; as chair of the Multi-union Health and Safety Committee; as a member of the OMH Labor/Management Committee; as a Master Trainer for the AFT Health and Safety Committee; and as chair and co-chair of the Article 18 Health and Safety Committee, which is currently engaged in the challenge of mitigating the ill effects of COVID-19.

“I’m not afraid to work hard,” Williams said. “I have held positions of increasing responsibility over the past 30 years and I’m ready to assume the role of PEF vice president.”