Budget Advisory & Financial Compliance Committee
Reports to the President and advises the Secretary-Treasurer regarding the development of PEF budgets.
Conrad Davis – Chair, Region 11
Joe Donahue, Secretary-Treasurer
Chris Buman, Trustee
Muriel Hardy-Lee, Trustee
Michele Rosello, Region 11
Margaretann Paczkowski, Retiree
Ray Brown, PEF Staff
Michael Fratangelo, PEF Staff
Kristie Furman, PEF Staff

Constitution and Bylaws Committee
The committee monitors and reviews PEF’s Constitution on a continual basis and prepares necessary amendments, at the direction of the President, for consideration by the Executive Board and annual Convention.
Danielle Bridger – Chair, Region 8
Robert Hodson, Region 4
Monica Moore, Region 4

Contract Committee
The committee trains in advance of contract negotiations and then negotiates collective bargaining agreements with the State. Members are appointed by the President. For more on the ongoing work of this committee, please visit this page.
Darlene Williams, Chair
Scarlett Ahmed – Region 11
Vincent Cicatello – Region 1
Conrad Davis – Region 11
Christopher Ford – Region 8
William Holthausen – Region 12
Maureen Kozakiewicz – Region 8
Jeanette Santos – Region 8
Cynthia Walker – Region 11
Ricardo Cruz — PEF Staff
Debra Greenberg — PEF Staff
Ed Aluck — PEF Staff

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center Contract Team
Theresa Burke, Region 1
Yatram Bruce Jagroop, Region 1
Jordan Blatz, Region 1
Michele Iorfida, Region 1

School for the Blind and School for the Deaf Contract Teams
Cathy Sawyer, Region 3
Theresa Ash, Region 3
Shari Parsons, Region 6
William Wiley, Region 6

Convention Committee
The committee reviews prospective convention sites and recommends same to the Executive Board, assists in planning and arranging convention activities and provides onsite assistance to delegates and PEF staff.
Darlene Williams – Chair
Joel Fox — Deputy Chair, Retiree
Danielle Bridger, Region 8
Stephanie Campagne, Region 7
Gwendolyn Culpepper, Region 11
Kenneth Ferro, Region 8
Sharon Lamb, Region 7
Anna Schrom, Retiree
Darryl Stevenson, Retiree
Barbara Corse-Johnson, PEF Staff

Credentials Committee
Reports to the President and meets at convention to hear appeals regarding delegate seating. Makes decisions and reports to the delegate body for their approval. Also reports on the number of delegates registered and attending each day of the convention.
Leisa Abraham – Chair, Region 3
Albert Famularo, Region 11
Engels Rojas, Region 8
Cynthia Shannon, Region 8
Jennifer Voelker, Region 1
Kristie Furman, PEF Staff

Delegate Elections Committee
Members nominated by the President to sit on this committee are approved by the Executive Board. The committee conducts and supervises the election of delegates to the annual convention with PEF staff assistance.
Maureen Kozakiewicz — Chair, Region 8
Aseem Kumar, Region 8
Kristie Furman, PEF Staff

Reports to the President and recommends guidelines for division operations. Takes further action relative to Divisions as mandated by policy.
Gwendolyn Culpepper – Chair, Region 11
Bruce Giddings, Trustee
Suzette Grant, Region 10
John Ingram, Region 1
Denise Martin, Region 8
Angelina Rodriguez-Billingsley, Region 11
Ved Shravah, Region 8
Lisa Wells, Region 4
Kristie Furman, PEF Staff

Ethics Committee
Reports to the President and hears all grievances that are presented dealing with internal union affairs; instructs grievants and respondents as to their rights and makes recommendations pursuant to PEF policy to Executive Board for consideration.
Stephanie Champagne – Chair, Region 7
Carl Ankrah, Region 9
Maureen Kozakiewicz, Region 8
Bellew McManus, Region 10
Gregory Salamida, Region 2
Rebecca Lalli, PEF Staff
John Svare, PEF Staff

Grievance Appeal Panel
Reports to the President and reviews cases when members object to PEF’s decision not to advance a grievance to step 3.
Leisa Abraham – Chair, Region 3
Mohammed Chowdhury, Region 10
Gwendolyn Culpepper, Region 11
Raymond Moroz – Alternate, Region 8
Katie Vorwald, PEF Staff
Ed Aluck, PEF Staff

Hispanic Committee (Special Interest)
Vivian Falto  – Chair, Region 11
Michelle Maldonado, Region 10
Jeanette Santos – Secretary Treasurer

Indo-American Committee (Special Interest)
Radhakrishna Mohan — Chair, Region 10
Ved Shravah — First VP, Region 8
Nishith Shah — Second VP, Region 10
Mithilesh Kumar — Treasurer, Region 8
Shanthi Venkatachalam — Secretary, Region 12

IT Committee
Radhakrishna Mohan – Chair, Region 10
Jim Desso, Region 8
Mithilesh Kumar, Region 10
Ron O’Bryan, Region 8
Angelina Rodriguez-Billingsley, Region 11
Caitlin Janiszewski, PEF Staff

Jewish Committee (Special Interest)
Rebecca Schwartz — Chair, Region 10
Moses Fisher — Treasurer, Region 11
Samuel Pam — Treasurer, Region 10
Sheri Friedberg, Region 10
Joseph Gamoran, Region 10
Ronald Goldstein, Retiree

Justice Center
The Justice Center Committee is charged with member and leader education and training regarding the role of the Justice Center. It supports the work of the applicable Labor Management Committees and Field Services department by reviewing reports and identifying trends in the Justice Center’s investigations of PEF members. It ensures that there is union representation and appointment to the Justice Center Advisory Board.
Michele Rosello — Chair, Region 11
Leisa Abraham, Region 3
Gina Corona, Region 4
Stephanie Champagne, Region 7
Randi DiAntonio — ex oficio
Meghan Keegan, PEF Staff

Legal Appeals Committee
Reports to the President and conducts a review of members’ objections to PEF’s decision not to proceed with a legal case. According to the committee bylaws, the members must sit on the Executive Board. 
Todd Kerner, Chair, PEF Staff (non-voting)
Barbara Stransky — Region 7
Catherine Dell’Angllo, Region 8
Ray Moroz, Region 8

Membership Benefits Program Trustees Committee
Members of this committee serve a three-year term. Current term is Aug. 1, 2021-July 31, 2024.
Bernadette O’Connor — Chair, Region 11
Joe Donahue, Region 8
Maureen Kozakiewicz, Region 8
Stephanie McLean-Beathley, PEF Staff

Joint Committee on Non-Permanent Employees
Scarlett Ahmed
Steve Nawrocki

Statewide Nurses Committee
Reports to and recommends to the President a continuing plan of action to deal with the employment and professional needs of PEF members in nurse titles. For more on the ongoing work of this committee, please visit this page.
Amy Lee Pacholk – Chair, Region 12
Vincent Cicatello, Co-Chair, Region 1
LaKisha Alverest, Region 9
Rachel Amodio-Kopp, Region 4
Jen Bradt, Region 2
Susan Billi, Region 12 (Guest)
Heather Crunden, Region 5
Margaret Dobbins, Region 4
Michele Iorfida, Region 1
Brian Matt, Region 6
Clara Shamatanga, Region 10
Cherie Stevens, Region 3
Jeff Taylor, Region 7
Diana Terlik, Region 8
Cynthia Walker, Region 11
Nora Higgins, PEF Staff

Political Action Committee (SWPAC)
Reports to and recommends to the President a course of action to achieve PEF’s legislative and political priorities by working with legislative, political and other staff to organize formal lobbying activities; communicate with legislators and staff on important issues; educate members on critical issues; organize grassroots political activities; coordinate political endorsements; contribute to candidates; and coordinate member outreach and engagement in federal and state races.
Randi DiAntonio – Chair, Region 3
Leisa Abraham, Region 3
Chris Buman, Trustee
Danielle Bridger, Region 8
Jim Carr, Retiree
Kaylee Comfort, Region 2
Gina Corona, Region 4
Donna DiTullio, Region 4
David Dubofsky, Region 5
Christopher Dunham, Region 6
William Holthausen, Region 12
Michele Iorfida, Region 1
Diane Jaulus, Region 9
Tamara Martin, Region 10
Joe McCann, Region 1
Daniel McCormack, Region 9
Radhakrishna Mohan, Region 10
Bernadette O’Connor, Region 11
Martin Robinson, Region 8
Charles Roland, Retiree
Gregory Salamida, Region 3
Scott Staub, Region 5
Barbara Stransky, Region 7
Shelby Wisneski, Region 2
Dan Wheeler, Region 6

Pride LGBTQ+ Committee
Sheila Ambrose — Chair, Region 8
Colleen Williams, Region 3
Linda Baker, Region 8

Scholarship Committee
Reports to the President and receives and reviews annual applications for PEF scholarships.  Recommends scholarships awards based upon established criteria.
Sheila Ambrose –Chair, Region 8
Wanda Bates, Region 9
Andrew Youngs, Region 8
Najee Walker, PEF Staff

Special Elections
This committee is approved by the Executive Board and conducts and supervises all special elections (not regularly scheduled) for statewide office, executive board and regional coordinators.
Tamara Martin – Chair, Region 10
Catherine Adams, Region 11
Sharon Lamb, Region 7
Angelina Rodriguez-Billingsley, Region 11
Kristie Furman, PEF Staff
Bill Holthausen, Region 12 Coordinator

Triennial Election Committee
This committee is nominated by the President and approved by the Executive Board to process and hear grievances regarding the Triennial Elections.
Chris Lanz – Chair, Region 7
Alexandre Donascimento, Region 1
Abigail Johnson, Region 2
Angel Williams-Cave, Region 3
Robert Davies, Region 4
Ross Dorsey, Region 5
Josephine Slifka, Region 6
Brittney Renaud, Region 8
Anne Friedman, Region 9
Tracy Mann, Region 10
Vikki Urena, Region 11
Caryn Feldman, Region 12
Kristie Furman, PEF Staff

Veterans Committee
Reports to the President and reviews issues concerning veterans in PEF and makes recommendations to the President.
David Krobe, Retiree – Chair
Christopher Buman, Trustee
Troy Decker, Region 5
Richard Fletcher, Region 5
Robert Harms, Retiree
Yatram Bruce Jagroop, Region 1

Statewide Women’s Committee
This Committee reports to the President.  Mentors and furthers the goals of women in the union.
Michele Rosello — Chair, Region 11
Scarlett Ahmed – Region 11
Katherine Czachorowski, Region 3
Sharon DeSilva, Region 8
Randi DiAntonio, Region 3
Suzette Grant, Region 10
Denise Martin, Region 8
Darlene Williams, Region 10
Jo Zimmerman, Retiree