Our comprehensive programs are designed to benefit PEF members in every agency. We provide information and technical assistance in a variety of ways. Programs include:

    • On-site training, workshops and conferences, including Train- the- Trainer models of instruction to broaden our reach. We train on the topics that affect members the most, such as violence in the workplace, ergonomics, workplace stress, indoor air quality, worker’s compensation, chemical hazards and much more.
    • Formation and support of workplace and agency joint health and safety committees.
    • Technical assistance such as worksite inspections and policy review; workers’ compensation assistance; PESH enforcement; fact sheets; information on standards & regulations; and “Right to Know” information.
    • Advocate for stronger health and safety regulations at the agency, state, and federal levels.

Health and Safety Staff

Geraldine Stella is the Director of the Health & Safety Department, and has been with PEF since 1992. She is responsible for the coordination and oversight of the direct outreach to members and NYS agencies on a variety of health and safety issues including:  research and development of effective national, federal, and statewide safety and health laws, standards, policies and programs; hazard identification, prevention and remediation; and technical assistance on occupational safety and health topics. Geraldine trains workers on a variety of occupational hazards, assists injured workers with complicated worker’s compensation issues, and works with PEF leaders to mentor new health and safety activists. Geraldine earned a B.S. in Psychology with a focus on Industrial/Organizational programs. A union advocate for many years, she has additional experience in labor/management, grievance handling and contract negotiations.

Paige Saakyan is a Health and Safety Specialist with a background in Health and Physical Therapy.  She earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Utica University and her B.S. in Health Studies from Syracuse University, College of Utica.  Paige has completed clinical research on falls within the diabetic population, in relation to sensory loss. She works with members on a variety of health and safety issues, provides recommendations for controls, and delivers various health and safety trainings across the state. In addition, Paige is the lead trainer for PEF’s ergonomics program and provides technical assistance to ergonomic assessors statewide.

Jazmine Nova Morales joined PEF in July 2023 as a Health & Safety Specialist in the Capital Region. Jazmine graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology and minors in psychology and public health. She also obtained her master’s degree in public health with a concentration in health promotion and a certificate in global Health. She is also a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) as well as an HSI (Health & Safety Institute) authorized Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT) trainer. Prior to PEF, her most recent position was in New York City with the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene as a Public Health Sanitarian II. Jazmine is excited to broaden her health & safety background and dive into her new position with PEF.

Michael Marquez is a Health and Safety Trainer II, and is based in the NYC PEF office. He provides technical assistance to members, agencies, staff, and local health and safety committees on identifying potential and existing occupational safety and health issues and providing recommendations for corrective actions and technical assistance. Mike was previously a Shop Steward, Local Health and Safety Committee Chair, Vice President of the Hispanic Committee, a member of the Civil Service Committee, and Convention Delegate as a PEF member. From 2004 to 2024, he was a Senior Safety and Health Inspector with the NYS DOL PESH Bureau. Michael has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from Hobart and William Smith Colleges. He is also an HIS certified AVERT Instructor and OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer.

Niki Grabo, Health & Safety Assistant

Kelly Lockwood, Administrative Secretary

For more information please contact Health and Safety
at 1-800-342-4306 x:254