What is PEF? 

The New York State Public Employees Federation (PEF) is a union that represents approximately 50,000 state employees with professional, scientific, and technical titles. (Often referred to as the State’s “PS&T bargaining unit.”) Statewide Officers are elected every three years by the membership and work on behalf of members to run the union, which also employs professional staff.

Our members work in more than 3,000 different titles in every state agency, including nurses, social workers, doctors, engineers, counselors, parole officers, lawyers, IT specialists, teachers, habilitation specialists, therapists, and many more. 

Our mission is simple: PEF exists to promote the welfare of its members with respect to all terms and conditions of employment. 


If you are in immediate need of help from your union, please visit this page to find your regional office and call them for guidance on how to proceed. If you don’t know what region you are in, you may call our main office in Albany and we will be glad to assist you at (800) 342-4306.


Members Hold the Power 

At every level of PEF, members are in charge. From the Local Shop Steward to Division or Regional Leaders to President, you and your coworkers govern this union.  

Here’s how the leadership structure breaks down: 

  • Regions, Divisions, Councils:  The state is broken down into geographical Regions 1 through 12. Here is a map that shows you which counties reside in which PEF Region.  Within each Region are more than 200 Divisions, many of which are grouped by agency or worksite. Each Division has a Council, made up of a Council Leader, Assistant Council Leader, Treasurer, Secretary and Stewards – all elected by members. The members of the Council are aware of what challenges and issues you face and are your first resource for action. 
  • Executive Board:  This body of elected union leaders meets quarterly, making and amending union policies and keeping abreast of everything the union is doing for members.  
  • Convention:  In the fall of each year, the highest governing body of PEF convenes to conduct the business of the union – from approving legislative agendas, to amending the PEF Constitution, to debating items brought up by members for consideration. Delegates petition for a seat at Convention to ensure the needs of their coworkers are addressed.
Your dues at work How PEF union dues work for you
Anti-union groups make it their mission to convince current and potential union members that they will gain nothing by paying dues. That’s not true.  

We’ve produced this document to expose the lies spread by these groups.  The bottom line is this:  Your negotiated salary increases and your rights are protected and you are kept safe on the job because PEF members collectively bargain as a union.  Our strength is in our numbers.  The State can easily say no to one employee asking for something, but when tens of thousands demand change and work with their union, our voices are heard. 

So for less than 1% of your salary (0.9% to be exact!), you get health and safety protection on the job, fair contracts which govern your salary and terms and conditions of employment, staff that support you during grievances and disciplinary actions, a seat at the table on statewide and national issues that impact your agency, and so much more.  If you read all this and you aren’t yet a member, please visit this page for instructions on how to join PEF.

Every dues dollar helps defend our voice, our values, and our union. PEF dues have not increased in decades. They are less than 1% of your salary.

    • 33% – Negotiating fair contracts that provide better pay and benefits and a secure retirement
    • 16%Empowering members and Divisions with expertise, resources, and infrastructure in all regions of NYS
    • 14% – Advocating for good government and against privatization to ensure cost-effective PEF skilled services for NYS taxpayers
    • 14% – Ensuring that PEF’s voice carries power and is heard and respected by Executive and Legislative Leaders
    • 10% – Providing Civil Service Enforcement, Workplace Health and Safety, Legal, and other support to help Members defend their rights
      and enforce our contract
    • 7% Amplifying PEF power and influence by partnering with national and international unions and community leaders
    • 6% – Providing professional development, continuing education, training, and customized programs to PEF members in diverse, specialized sector

*Excerpted from the PEF 101 Handbook