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New York State Fund Our Future is a coalition of union, community and thought leaders committed to making the case for government in the public interest. The NYS Public Employees Federation, in cooperation with our parent unions, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and other coalition partners, resolves to build a thriving New York based on these principles:

  • A functioning democracy depends on the essential work of public employees, and a vibrant public education system, from pre-K to post-graduate
  • Privatizing public goods such as healthcare, infrastructure, education and social services runs contrary to the public interest in maintaining the common good
  • People have a right to transparency regarding how their government funds services that benefit everyone
  • Everyone must pay their fair share for public services
  • We must safeguard our public investments by insuring a strong system of public oversight  inspection and audits

New York thrives when we invest in public services that adhere to those principles. New York State Fund Our Future is a multi-year campaign dedicated to promoting the powerful role the public sector plays in society. The campaign will include member mobilization, training, and forceful actions and events. It will be integrated into legislative, contract, health and safety, and labor-management advocacy. NYS Fund Our Future will offer support to coalition members who wish to amplify our collective demands. We invite you to join the movement and help us demonstrate the power of a national Fund Our Future movement with the media, union members and policymakers.

To get started, we’re simply gathering information about our most precious resource, our members. Please fill out this form to get started and then submit a video about yourself and the critical work you do for New York State.

Fund Our Future

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