Request for Review of Management/Confidential Status

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Do you have a major role in setting your agency’s goals and objectives that goes beyond making recommendations or providing information and analysis that is used by your agency’s executives to set the agency’s goals and objectives? Such a role goes beyond supervisory or managerial activities such as determining internal work procedures, setting quality standards, or determining the methods of operation used to accomplish the agency’s goals and objectives are met.*
Do you have a major role in collective bargaining that goes beyond providing information and analysis to the staff who are involved in collective bargaining negotiations?*
Do you have a major role in the interpretation of collective bargaining agreements that goes beyond recommending disciplinary actions or applying the provisions of collective bargaining agreements as determined by others?*
Do you have a major role in personnel administration that goes beyond performing the regular activities involved in personnel administration or managing a personnel office, such as appointments, promotions, reassignments, discipline, leaves of absence, or health benefits?*
Do you assist and act in a confidential capacity to someone who has a major role performing the duties described in the questions above?*
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