Maddie Shannon-Roberts has worked as a Disability Analyst 2 at OTDA for the past 16 years. She worked in OCFS at the State Central Register for 9 ½ years and 1 year as a Daycare Licensor in Essex County. Maddie holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, and a Certificate in Ministry from Northeast Seminary.

She has served PEF members through internal control monitoring of fiscal records, review of policies, and reporting timely to the Executive Board, PEF Officers, and the PEF Annual Convention Delegates.

During her three-year tenure as a PEF Trustee (2018-2021), she worked tirelessly with her fellow Trustees and the Internal Auditor to provide policy recommendations to officers and the Board on specific matters. As a member of PEF Financial Compliance Committee, she assisted in developing purchase card application policies. Maddie honed her skills at investigating fiscal complaints and providing recommendations to the appropriate officer.

Maddie attended the SEIU finance training in 2017 in preparation for a post-Janus decision.