The Public Employees Federation (PEF) understands the importance of providing opportunities to a new generation of members seeking to engage in leadership opportunities in the Union. The institute aims to provide members with structured learning, mentoring, and community experience under guidance and on equal footing with experienced Union leaders and activists.        

The PEF Union Emerging Leader Institute consists of three full-day, in-person trainings followed by a project that will take up your non-work time over three months. All projects are tied to PEF’s goals of having a strong union and engaged membership rooted in our communities. Emerging Union Leader Institute participants will have a choice of projects offered by different departments of PEF. 

The Union Emerging Leader Institute experience will provide participants with: 

  • Recognition of our shared values – why we do union work. 
  • A deeper connection to PEF and the wider labor movement. 
  • Strong individual leadership skills and practices. 
  • An understanding of what makes a strong union and an engaged membership. 
  • Knowledge of the union’s tools to achieve respectful workplaces. 
  • The ability to run an issue campaign. 
  • The confidence to tell your union story and persuasively speak in public and social media. 
  • Skills required to take on the role of connector between members and all levels of our union and also to work with allies in the AFL-CIO and others in our community. 

All PEF members are eligible to apply for the Institute. Members will need to complete this application by 12:59AM on June 30, 2023. Selected participants will be notified by July 7, 2023. The Institute is scheduled for July 28, 29 and 30, 2023 and will be held at PEF Headquarters in Latham, N.Y. EOL is available for members who are selected to attend.    

The application process has ended.