Randi DiAntonio – PEF Vice President

Dear PEF Member:

Thank you for visiting the PEF Political Action page. This page is specifically designed with resources and information to help you navigate the complex world of legislation and politics in New York state.

Your PEF leadership team understands that the union’s involvement in the political and legislative action is absolutely critical to you and every PEF member. We need to be involved because our elected representatives in Washington, D.C. and in Albany enact laws and implement policies that impact the terms and conditions of your employment, as well as your health and retirement benefits.

We know that there are politicians who will use any excuse to cut your retirement benefits, increase your health care costs, eliminate your due process rights or privatize your job.  Your union makes sure you are represented and heard by monitoring bill introductions, attending and testifying at public hearings, conducting bill analyses, drafting new bills, developing amendments to pending bills and developing talking points and memoranda in support or opposition to pending legislation.

PEF’s legislative team is responsible for representing the interests of PEF members on pending legislative and regulatory issues and with pursuing the union’s legislative and political agendas as established under PEF policy.  These legislative and political agendas are authorized under the direction of the president and in cooperation with the Regional and Statewide Political Action Committees and the Executive Board or as outlined in the resolutions advanced by rank-and-file members and adopted by delegates at the union’s annual convention.

PEF’s success is contingent on the involvement and action of rank-and-file members like you.  In furtherance of this work, PEF staff develop legislative advocacy programs to engage our members in the legislative process utilizing activities like meeting with legislators, letter writing campaigns, writing op eds and letters to the editor and gathering member petitions.  We also engage members in political campaigns to support “union-friendly” candidates for federal, state and local office.  In support of our endorsed candidates, members engage in a wide array of activities like gathering party petitions, making phone calls, distributing literature and educating other PEF members about the issues.

I encourage you to read through the materials on this site, to talk to other PEF members and leaders and to join us in lobbying on legislation and supporting candidates for office.  Only by working together can we hope to protect what we have earned, get what we need to do our jobs effectively and expand the benefits and protections provided to PEF members.

As always, your union stands ready to help as needed.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In solidarity,

Randi DiAntonio
PEF Vice President, SWPAC Chair