As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the United States, our sisters, brothers and friends in the labor movement are among the first casualties. It is important for us to work together during this crisis to prevent further deaths. It is important to thank those who are doing the work to keep us safe and fed. It is important to remember those who we lost because of the coronavirus.

This list includes those deaths we have currently learned of. If you aware of additional union members we should include on this list, please send details to and we will add them to the list.

David Blagrove
PEF Member, Nurse 2
OMH, Division 267, Wards Island

Carlos Cruz
PEF Member, Labor Services Representative
DOL, Division 245, Manhattan

Caren Goff
PEF Member, Child and Family Services Specialist 1
OCFS, Division 191, Manhattan

Michael Gomez
PEF Member, Optician, SUNY Stony Brook
Division 225, Nassau County

Pappy Kunjukunju
Department of Financial Services

Benjamin Onodu
PEF Member, Licensed Master Social Worker 2
OMH, Division 267, Wards Island

David Persaud
PEF Member, Addictions Counselor 1
OASAS, Division 326, Brooklyn

Bredy Pierre-Louis
PEF Member, Medical Specialist
OPWDD, Division 244, Brooklyn

Mary E. Plevinsky
PEF Member, Auditor 1
Audit Control, Division 263, Binghamton

Andrea Sears
PEF Member, Motor Vehicle Representative 2
DMV, Division 255, Harlem