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PEF issued the following statement on Jan. 16, 2023, in advance of the Senate Judiciary hearing for Justice Hector LaSalle:  One of the fundamental values of the New York State Public Employees Federation is due process, and PEF has every confidence that the Senate Judiciary Committee will provide Justice Hector LaSalle with due process through a full and fair hearing, but due process cannot be complete without a vote on his confirmation by the full Senate once that hearing has been concluded.  Since his nomination, Judge LaSalle has been the subject of significant criticism, but has had no opportunity to respond. Judge LaSalle must be provided with an opportunity to address the Committee, to answer its questions regarding his qualifications and record, and to defend his record.

Once the hearing has been concluded, PEF urges that Judge LaSalle’s nomination be referred to the full Senate for a vote.  The full Senate must then afford Judge LaSalle his due process, and perform its Constitutional duty to either confirm or reject his appointment as Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, based on the record of that hearing.  We believe that Justice LaSalle deserves that opportunity and due process, and we believe the Governor deserves that courtesy.