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PEF scored major wins for its nurses in this year’s legislative session, but now we need Gov. Hochul to sign these meaningful pieces of legislation into law.  We’re asking all members to take a moment and add your name to two letters we’ve created.  The first deals with the subject of mandatory overtime.  Bills passed by both houses of the legislature will finally put some teeth in the 2008 law that was intended to end “mandatory overtime” for nurses.  One would impose a financial penalty on employers who violate the law and force nurses to work overtime, while also further compensating nurses who worked the illegally mandated overtime.  Another bill will close a loophole that placed nurses who joined the SUNY Stony Brook Work Study Program into the Optional Retirement Program (ORP) instead of the New York State and Local Employees’ Retirement System (NYSLERS).  Those nurses would be given the option to transfer from ORP to NYRSLERS, which is the choice offered to all nurses hired at Stony Brook.  Please take a moment today – and it only takes a minute – to sign on to our letter writing campaigns and let Gov. Hochul know it’s time for her to deliver on her promises to New York nurses.

Nurse Overtime (A.286-A & S.8063-A)

SUNY Stony Brook Retirement Plan – Work Study Program