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The following statement was issued July 1 by the undersigned Statewide Officers and members of PEF’s Executive Council regarding the recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

PEF is deeply troubled by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson overturning women’s right to control their bodies and lives. The announcement by a radicalized Court opens the door for a complete elimination of the right to abortion and the erosion of other hard-fought protections such as marriage equality, access to contraception and family planning services, and the right to privacy, self-identity, and expression.

Moreover, the forces that placed these extremist justices into power have long sought to undo not just Roe, but much of the progress of the Civil Rights movement. Everything from desegregated schools, access to public education and fair housing, to voting rights is in danger.

The labor movement cannot be silent in the face of this threat. We must do our part in the struggles to come.

PEF will publicly defend women’s right to make their own reproductive health care decisions and to exercise their fundamental right to privacy. We will work with our state, national, and international affiliates to encourage union members to participate in rallies and demonstrations, lobbying efforts, and educational events in support of reproductive rights.
PEF will demand legislation that strengthens reproductive rights at the state and federal levels, including a state constitutional amendment.

New York State residents and PEF members do not want to go back in time to an era when women were second-class citizens. PEF is standing up in defense of our families, colleagues, neighbors, and fellow Americans as we push back against the assault on fundamental rights.

Wayne Spence, President
Joe Donahue, Secretary Treasurer
Randi DiAntonio, Vice President
Darlene Williams, Vice President
Scarlett Ahmed, Chair, PEF Women’s Committee
Michele Silsby, Regional Coordinator, Region 1
Leisa Abraham, Regional Coordinator, Region 3
David Dubofsky, Regional Coordinator, Region 5
Nora Higgins, Regional Coordinator, Region 12