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PEF President Wayne Spence will convene an emergency meeting of the union’s Executive Board on June 8 at 9 a.m. On the agenda: Presentation, debate and voting on the tentative four-year agreement signed by the PEF Contract Team and the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations last week.

The following memo was sent to all PEF members from the president via email on June 6:

Since the announcement of the PEF tentative agreement on June 4, I have had a few requests for the poll results many of you participated in a few weeks ago.

For strategic reasons, we were unable to release the results before a tentative agreement since that would have given leverage to the state during negotiations.

Starting during our Telephone Town Hall on May 18 we conducted a phone and email survey, which had approximately 10,000 respondents. Please click here to see the results.

I have called an emergency Executive Board meeting for June 8, 2021. If the PEF Executive Board votes to send the tentative agreement to you for ratification, I believe you will see that the membership chose the direction we were able to negotiate in this contract.