1. The Public Employees Federation, AFL-CIO to honor the memory of our late Vice President Jean DeBow, has created this scholarship. It will highlight her pursuit of encouraging PEF Women members with their college studies (including training in Cornell Labor Studies).
  2. Open to an Active women PEF member who is pursuing an accredited Post Secondary education in any field. Applicant must be presently enrolled and include a proof of enrollment in such a program for this school year.
  3. There will be ONE scholarship award of $1,000, given annually at the PEF Convention. The applications will be available in the winter and due May 1 of every year at PEF Headquarters, 1168-70 Troy-Schenectady Road, P. O. Box 12414, Albany, NY 12212-2414 (Attn: PEF Scholarship Committee).
  4. The applicant shall submit the required information (#1 through #7) and an essay (150 word limit). The scholar shall also include one reference memo from a PEF member about why the applicant should be considered for this scholarship (150 word limit). There is no limit on number of PEF members a sponsor can nominate.
  5. The Statewide PEF Scholarship Committee will review the applications with all reference to the applicant’s name removed. PEF encourages all eligible women pursuing a college degree to apply.
  6. Once an applicant wins and accepts the award, they will no longer be eligible to apply for the Jean DeBow Women in P.E.F. Scholarship. Please follow the order of the format of the information requested.


  1. Name and mailing address
  2. Telephone numbers (home and work)
  3. Worksite, PEF Division name and number
  4. College attending and area of study (provide proof of enrollment)
  5. What degree pursuing and proposed graduation date?
  6. List any participation in union activities and any leadership roles
  7. List any Awards including any for union activities
  8. ESSAY: How will this course of study benefit you (and/or your constituents) through out your career?


  1. Your name, mailing address and PEF member you are sponsoring
  2. Your telephone numbers (home and work)
  3. Your worksite, PEF Division name and number
  4. List  your PEF positions (ex. Member, Steward, Delegate, Officer, etc.)
  5. How long you have known applicant?
  6. ESSAY: Why this applicant should be considered for this Scholarship? (150 word limit).  Please refer to applicant as her or she since all references to the applicant’s name will be removed from the judge’s copy.


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