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Our Mission

PEF exists to promote the welfare of its members by representing them with respect to all terms and conditions of employment.  PEF shall support and defend the concepts of individual merit and ethical performance as criteria for public service employees in order to best promote efficient delivery of services to the citizens of New York State.

Similarly, it recognizes that PEF exists as sole bargaining agent for its members because of the mandate of this constituency and is hereby bound to serve the interests of its members by:

    • The securing of economic advantages, including better wages, hours, and working conditions, through organization, collective bargaining, legislative and political action, and the free flow and interchange of information and ideas, and other appropriate action.
    • Organizing and uniting in this union all eligible for membership herein.
    • Engaging in all such civic, social, political, legal, economic, cultural, educational and other such activities, whether on a local, national, or international level, as shall be consistent with the goals of PEF.
    • Advancing the professional standards of its members.
    • Cooperating with and assisting, by moral, monetary or other means, other labor organizations, or other groups of organizations, having objectives which are consistent with those of this union, or which are of a nature beneficial to this union and to its members, directly or indirectly.
    • Exposing and fighting all forms of bigotry and discriminatory practices that tend to deprive persons of their human and/or civil rights.
    • Promoting those aims and objectives in common with the American Federation of Teachers, hereinafter referred to as AFT, and the Service Employees International Union, hereinafter referred to as SEIU
    • Strengthening and safeguarding this union by every means so that it may carry out its purposes, objectives and obligations.
    • Utilizing, in every way, including but not limited to every kind of use, expenditure and investment, the property and funds of this union, in order to achieve its purposes and objectives and perform its obligations, and for such other purposes directly or indirectly furthering the interests of this union and its members.