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Contract Video Update – 12/16/19

Keeping you informed on PEF contract talks


PEF Contract Update Video - 12/16/2019

PEF Contract Update Video - 11/7/2019

Hello PEF Members, I am Darlene Williams, the chair of the PEF Contract team with an update on our contract talks. On Tuesday, December 10th, we again attempted to have a productive dialogue with the Governor’s negotiating... Read more

Disaster Relief Fund: Puerto Rico

Disaster Relief Fund: Puerto Rico

PEF Members: This past weekend, Puerto Rico suffered another 6.0 magnitude earthquake, just a few days after a 6.4 magnitude quake hit the island, leaving the people and infrastructure devastated once again. Buildings on the southern part of the island have been completely flattened. Homes have been damaged beyond repair. Schools on the island have collapsed, and with continued earthquakes,... Read more

DMV Hours Change

PEF was recently made aware that some members have had their hours changed by DMV management. PEF was not notified and does not agree with this in any way. If you were directed to report and/or had your hours changed, please contact *protected email* immediately and supply as much information as you can. I have contacted the Governor's office today and will continue to... Read more



PEF’s Contract Team needs your continued support standing behind them at the negotiating table. Let’s keep telling the state that #PEFdeservesafaircontract by taking a quick #PEFDOESIT photo. Flood PEF’s email box so we can fill our Facebook feed with photos of you and your colleagues lending strength to our message.

You can download and print signs from below. If there is... Read more

Proposed AFT/SEIU Call and Rules

Proposed AFT/SEIU Call and Rules

American Federation of Teachers and Service Employees International Union Conventions

For AFT and SEIU conventions the following rules apply:

1. In order to be nominated, a dues-paying member must obtain the signatures of fifty (50) other members from within the designated title groupings for this convention (see listings).

2. A nominee may not sign his/her own petition.

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