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PEF Honors All Who Served Our Country

To PEF members and their families — On Veterans Day, Sunday, November 11, please take a moment to recognize and remember the sacrifices and courage of our men and women in uniform. These brave men and women have protected our country’s ideals while advancing the cause of peace and freedom around the world. We are so grateful for their service. Honor their service with... Read more

Election Results 2018: The federal and statewide PEF Political Action Committee’s endorsed candidate’s list

PEF MEMBERS:  Here are the results for the 2018 Election Results of the federal and statewide PEF Political Action Committee’s endorsed candidate's list. U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Democrats picked up 3 seats—Max Rose (CD-11), Antonio Delgado (CD-19), Anthony Brindisi (CD-22) 81 percent of PEF-endorsed candidates won (except Perry Gershon (CD-1), Tedra Cobb (CD-21), Tracy Mitrano (CD-23), Dana Balter (CD-24), Nate McMurray (CD-27)) Incumbents who lost: Dan Donovan (CD-11),... Read more

PSWP Workshops for PEF members: Social Work Counseling Training

PSWP Workshops for PEF members: Social Work Training in the greater Albany area, Capital district and in New York City locations. Don't miss out! WORKSHOP: Advanced Practice with Immigrants and Refugees in Today’s US Society (with CEUs) This workshop will strengthen practitioners’ preparedness to work effectively with immigrant and refugees who experience trauma and multiple, complex psychosocial adjustments and disparities associated with the processes... Read more

PEF Member Call to Action: Cost-Benefit Analysis bill needs to be law

PEF members, We need to get the Cost-Benefit Analysis bill into law. Sign and send a personalized letter to the Governor now, to support the bill! Click Here. To further protect state jobs and save taxpayers billions of dollars, PEF is working to get Gov. Andrew Cuomo to sign legislation that would regulate the process for awarding contracts for certain types of consultant... Read more