Nearly 800 delegates are joining PEF’s elected... [more]
Dozens of PEF leaders and staff gathered... [more]
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PEF Deficit Reduction Leave (DRL) Repayments Ending

As you may recall, the 2011-2015 PEF/State Contract included a Deficit Reduction Leave (DRL) program.  As part of the DRL program, the total amount of each PS&T Unit employee’s deficit  reduction plan deductions was repaid to employees in equal biweekly installments over 39 consecutive pay periods beginning with the paycheck of April 16, 2015 (Institution) and April 22, 2015 (Administration).  Those repayments... Read more

Labor leaders, delegates gather to heighten unionism

Nearly 800 delegates are joining PEF's elected leaders and dignitaries Sunday, September 25 through Wednesday, September 28 for PEF's 38thAnnual Convention which is being held in Rochester. The delegates will have a busy agenda with many resolutions to consider. They will be addressed by prominent labor speakers such as AFT President Randi Weingarten, SEIU Executive Vice President Heather Conroy, state politicians, and will... Read more


Welcome new PEF members!  We are pleased to report that the State is retroactively transferring approximately 250 employees to PEF's bargaining unit. As you may recall, in March 2013, PEF entered into an agreement with the State to transfer 250 M/C designated employees into PEF’s bargaining unit.  Shortly after that agreement and the PERB decision effectuating it, the State reneged.  It challenged these... Read more