PEF Members and Leaders, be on Alert! Since... [more]
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A step forward for labor – Gov. Cuomo signs bill to strengthen unions

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signs a new state law April 12 in Manhattan flanked by PEF President Wayne Spence and state AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento and other labor leaders and activists. The law gives public employees a strong incentive to continue paying dues, even if the U.S. Supreme Court rules later this spring on the Janus v. AFSCME case that agency-shop fees are illegal. See... Read more

PEF Members: Watch out for FAKE NEWS emails, texts, social media anti-union posts!

PEF Members and Leaders, be on Alert! Since mid-March, the underhanded tactics we’ve seen being used against unions nationwide by those forces trying to destroy the labor movement have been targeted at PEF.  Several emails, purportedly sent by me as President of PEF, have been continuously  sent out announcing supposed changes in PEF policy. These emails, claiming changes in financial, dues and other policies,... Read more

Great News – Western New York Children’s Psychiatric Center to stay open!

Statement from PEF President Wayne Spence: I have great news to share with you. We have just learned that we won our fight to keep the doors of the Western New York Children’s Psychiatric Center open! Today’s announcement that the Cuomo administration has decided to reverse a decision to close the exemplary facility ends a five year battle that saw union members,... Read more

PEF Time Machine – Celebrating Our 40th Anniversary September 27, 1978

In honor of PEF’s 40th anniversary of becoming a professional NYS labor union, we will showcase key moments of our members fight for union solidarity and workers’ rights. Enjoy this special look back on PEF history in the making. THE SWEET SMILE OF VICTORY — A PEF leadership victory meeting reads, with obvious delight, the unanimous decision of the Public Employment Relations board... Read more
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