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PSWP: Social Work Training: Understanding & Addressing Bereavement in Adults, Children & Teens (with CEUs)

PEF Members: Social Work Training - Understanding and Addressing Bereavement in Adults, Children and Teens (with CEUs) This workshop will provide participants with enhanced understanding of bereavement in adults, children and adolescents. Discussion will include the process and psychological purpose of grief and their implications for bereavement counseling, and will examine key factors associated with individual responses to loss, including family system... Read more

The Option Transfer Period for NYS employees is now open until Jan.18, 2019.

The Option Transfer Period for NYS employees will be December 10 through January 18, 2019. During the annual Option Transfer Period, employees may make changes to their NYSHIP option, including enrolling in the Opt-out Program. If you currently participate in the Opt-out Program and wish to continue receiving incentive payments in 2019, you must re-enroll in the Opt-out Program during the Option Transfer... Read more

ALERT – Anti-union elves reported in the Capital District!

PEF Members Leaders: Just as we expected, paid representatives of the anti-union group New Choice New York have been in the Capital District targeting our members with anti-union literature and rhetoric.  Last week, we heard they were knocking on our members’ front doors.  Today, dressed as Santa’s elves, they were looking for union members in the concourse of the Empire State... Read more

Governor vetoes Cost-Benefit Analysis Bill despite enormous support

Sent on Behalf of President Spence: PEF Members and Leaders: I am disappointed to tell you that Governor Cuomo has decided to veto the PEF Cost Benefit Analysis and SUNY Stony Brook retirement legislation. (Veto message CB2018Veto) and Veto messageSB2018VETO. Even though the measure was overwhelmingly passed by both houses of the New York State Legislature and overwhelmingly supported by both labor and good... Read more