Member input empowers contract team. PEF’s PS&T... [more]
Alert – Reports of Union-Busting Canvassers throughout NY State!... [more]
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Mom, Dad…Where were you…When unions were under attack?

Did you fight back? Did you stand up for your children’s future? Did your efforts safeguard the future of the union for the next generation? How will you answer? Staying informed is being engaged. Being engaged keeps the union strong. We are Winning The Future Together. Signup to receive email alerts here. Signup to recieve The Communicator & The eCommmunicator Plus editions here. Newly hired PEF Members & existing PEF... Read more

Newsclips Feb. 15, 2019 edition

PEF Newsclips Feb. 15, 2019 edition, its your quick monthly newspaper recap of labor news that’s local, regional, state and national. Be in the know on current and past events. PEF News Clips is for you!... Read more

Support your contract team. PS&T Contract Update

Member input empowers contract team. PEF’s PS&T contract team held its initial meeting with the negotiators from the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations at the end of January. Prior to this meeting where ground rules were exchanged, the team attended dozens of local PEF membership meetings where union issues were brought to the forefront. “These meetings, along with two tele-town hall conferences,... Read more

PSWP Workshops in NYC and Long Island regions

Attention PEF Members in Regions 10, 11 and 12; Sign up now for: Workshops with CEUs for RDs, OTs, and SLPs. Breathing, Digestion and Swallowing: Best Practices in Dysphagia Management (with CEUs) This workshop will examine the inter-relationships between respiration, gastro-intestinal function, and swallowing to allow clinicians to better identify the underlying causes of their client’s swallowing difficulties. We’ll look at specific respiratory... Read more