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PEF Wishes Members a Safe and Happy Independence Day!

FOURTH OF JULY – A TIME TO REFLECT, CELEBRATE This July 4th of July, America celebrates the 242nd anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. In every corner of our country and in our own state of New York, we gather in town centers and wave flags in parades to recall the history we share, and also to honor the vibrant and enduring... Read more

PEF Members Take Their Message to Social Media: UNION STRONG!

PEF Members: In the coming days, you can expect to receive a text message from a PEF member or PEF staff asking you to show support for your Union by participating in PEF’s social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter. In the wake of this week’s Janus decision, PEF along with unions nationwide, is increasing its efforts to reach out to members. At the... Read more

PEF Executive Board enacts new policy for non-members as a result of the Janus decision

Effective immediately, PEF shall not provide representation to non-members except as required by Civil Service Law section section 209-a, as amended. Namely, PEF shall not provide representation to non-members: (i) during questioning by the employer, (ii) in statutory or administrative proceedings or to enforce statutory or regulatory rights, or (iii) in any stage of a grievance, arbitration or other contractual process... Read more