There is life after retirement from public employment. As a public employee retiree you have an abundance of experience, skills and abilities which you can choose to use to better your own life, and the lives of others. Joining the PEF Retirees will give you an opportunity to use your skills to enrich your life.

The best way retirees can get the benefits they need is by organizing. In order to be effective as an organization we need your active participation and assistance. Our ability to provide retirees the quality of living they deserve depends directly on the volume of our membership.

The PEF Retirees are a group of public employee retirees, who like you, dedicated our lives to public service. Many of our members were also active PEF union members. We are an organization of retiree activists concerned about a variety of retiree issues ranging from the well-being of our retiree colleagues to the protection of our pension benefits and health care issues. We actively lobby for improvements in our pension system, our health care benefits, our tax liabilities, and all aspects of our lives through the legislative process.

Active membership in the PEF Retirees provides you with the option of participating in a number of PEF Retiree benefit programs. You must be a member to take advantage of any of our benefits. These benefit programs include:

  • Retiree Dental Plan
  • Retiree Vision Plan
  • Retiree Legal Service Plan
  • Theme Park Discounts
  • Movie Tickets
  • Baseball/Hockey Discounts
  • NY State Empire Passport
  • Financial Counseling
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club
  • Gift Card Discounts
  • Performing Arts Discounts

The political effectiveness of retirees is potentially enormous because legislators know that mature citizens (and their families) vote. By concentrating our demands through a strong retiree organization, we can achieve our legislative and benefits goals.

Members of the PEF Retirees continually talk to their members of the New York State Assembly and Senate on behalf of your retiree issues.

We are also part of a coalition of 27 public employee retiree organizations who represent State, county, and municipal public employee retirees. We make common cause with local and State senior citizen organizations. We work with the Public Employees Federation and have a representation on the PEF Statewide Political Action Committee.

We are continually changing, adding to, and improving our benefit programs for members of the PEF Retirees.