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Happy New Year!

We made 2017 a great year; Let’s make 2018 even better

By WAYNE SPENCE The holiday season, filled with wonder, lights, music and smiling children’s faces has always been a time to share good tidings with family, friends and colleagues. In this spirit of reflection and celebration, I would like to thank you once again for the privilege and honor of... Read more

Great news for union members: deduct union dues from your NYS income taxes

Starting with your 2018 state income taxes (that you file in 2019) you will be allowed to deduct your union dues or agency shop fees. For members who itemize their deductions, this means union membership will be essentially free. That is the result of new legislation for New Yorkers passed and signed into law in 2017. “This new benefit will put an estimated $35... Read more

OPWDD member helps keep ‘the system’ working well

It’s very gratifying to be recognized by our peers for the work we do. PEF member Chad Willis got a taste of that recently when he was honored as the 2017 Central Office Employee of the Year at the state Office for People with Developmental Disabilities. But he’s just too busy doing and enjoying his job to spend much time thinking about awards.... Read more

Parole officers spot danger, protect a life

It was a cold Tuesday night in mid-November when Parole Officers Godfrey Melhado and Edward Pressley were conducting home visits. Around 10:45 p.m. they were outside an apartment building by the L train station and across from the Samuel J. Tilden housing projects in Brooklyn, ringing a doorbell and waiting for a parolee to let them inside. Melhado was ringing the bell, and... Read more