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Veterans Equality Bill Delivered to the Governor

PEF Member: Recently, the New York State Senate and Assembly both passed legislation to allow all honorably discharged veterans the ability to buy back up to three years of public service credit for the time they served in the military. This law would put New York in line with other states in terms of providing this small token of gratitude for our veterans.... Read more

Memorial Day – PEF Honors the Men and Women Who Served Our Country

For many, Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summer. As we spend time this weekend with family and friends, let’s take a moment to recognize, remember and honor the American men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces, defending our country and making our world a safer place to live. Visit The Official Memorial Day... Read more

PEF Members

We support striking Verizon workers who are just trying to preserve good middle class jobs in our communities. If you want to show support for your CWA sisters and brothers, please click on one of the links below to let Verizon know that you support the striking workers: • Send A Letter: Click here to sign and send a letter to the... Read more

Ballot Bobbi Says, “Thanks for voting YES & sending me in.” Strong Voter Turnout = Strength at the Bargaining Table!

On Friday, PEF Contract Ballot Bobbi Says, “Thanks for voting YES & sending me in. Didn’t get your ballot? Call 1-800-529-5218." Strong Voter Turnout = Strength at the Bargaining Table! PEF MEMBER, SEND A STRONG MESSAGE FOR A FAIR CONTRACT — ON THE BALLOT — VOTE YES! • ACT NOW! Vote yourself a 2 percent raise! • ACT NOW! There are NO GIVEBACKS! • ACT NOW! Turnout matters, union strong! • ACT NOW! Take control of... Read more