PEF Members: While it was our intention... [more]
PEF scored legislative victories recently when three... [more]
Ballots cast by members of the New... [more]


Debbie Lee/Division 235 Audit/Investigation/Lawsuit Information from the Kent/Garcia Administration

PEF Members: While it was our intention to send this information to you much earlier, there were circumstances beyond our control that made it impossible to do so until now. We were advised that we should not discuss the information we received about the U. S. Attorney impaneling a Grand Jury regarding Division 235 and former council leader Debbie Lee. ... Read more

Contract Talks Update

The PS&T Contract Team secured June 24 and 25 contract negotiation dates with the state, and had been meeting on a regular basis with the state since April. A contract negotiation meeting did occur on June 24, which included a joint exchange of proposals by the state and PEF. As a result, the Contract Team met with me on June 25 to... Read more

PEF Scores Legislative Victories; Bills Now To Be Sent To Governor Cuomo

PEF scored legislative victories recently when three priority bills passed through the Senate and Assembly and will now be headed to Governor Andrew Cuomo to be signed sometime before the end of the calendar year. The Veterans Equality Bill (A8174A/S5937 – Paulin/Larkin) swiftly passed through the Senate and just last night made it through the Assembly with approval. The bill would extend the... Read more

PEF Members Elect Wayne Spence as the Union’s Next President

Ballots cast by members of the New York State Public Employees Federation (PEF) for the union's top leadership positions were counted today by the American Arbitration Association in Manhattan. By a vote of 6,172 to 6,045, PEF members elected Wayne Spence over Susan M. Kent to lead the union for the next three years. He was a candidate from the Coalition of Union... Read more