On the November 2017 ballot, New York voters... [more]
Attention PEF Members: Enclosed are the PEF... [more]
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Nurses Lobby Day at the Capitol – Tuesday May 9

Nurses have an integral role in the state health care system. Join with your fellow PEF members as well as CWA, NYSNA, and NYSUT as we gather at the Capitol in support of legislation to set Safe Staffing Ratios and amendments to the No Mandatory Overtime Law. Join us by getting on a bus and letting your voices be heard in Albany!... Read more

NYS Constitutional Convention “VOTE NO CON CON” toolkit

On the November 2017 ballot, New York voters will be asked to decide whether to call a convention to rewrite the New York State Constitution. A constitutional convention would have far reaching, long-term consequences that threaten many of the benefits and services working New Yorkers depend on and expect — and once they are gone, it could take decades to get them back. VOTE NO CON CON... Read more

PEF members post your video on Facebook and star in PEF’s Go Public campaign!

PEF MEMBERS: Showcase your value. Get personal and #GOPUBLIC. Post your workplace video on your Facebook page, and make it PUBLIC #GOPUBLIC. Let's show how New Yorkers' tax dollars are working for them. Join PEF’s fight against privatization! PEF members post your video; star in PEF’s Go Public campaign. Members, get personal and Go Public with your union and showcase why you are an important asset to New... Read more

2017 NYS Budget Update – Monday, April 10, 2017 2:45pm

Sent on behalf of President Spence: PEF Members, As a follow to the legislative update that was sent on Saturday April 8, 2017, I wanted to let you know that the final budget has been acted on and signed by the Governor. While no budget is perfect, I have to reiterate that PEF did very well for issues that had been designated as PEF Budget... Read more