On Monday, December 15, 2014, PEF and... [more]
PEF President Susan M. Kent delivered a... [more]
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Message from PEF President Susan M. Kent: Employer Petition Seeking Designation of PEF Positions as M/C

On Monday, December 15, 2014, PEF and approximately 2,500 state employees received notice from the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations (“GOER”) that on December 12, 2014, the State filed an employer petition which attempts to move their titles into the M/C class.  The purpose of this memo is to provide guidance and information to you regarding the employer petition filed by the... Read more

Chanukah Message from the Kent/Garcia Administration

Chanukah, The Jewish Festival of Lights, is a time for people of all beliefs to remember that faith and perseverance can help us overcome even the greatest hardships and adversity.  To all our members and their families who will begin celebrating the Jewish holiday at sundown tonight we wish you a Happy, Happy Chanukah!... Read more

Kent’s Testimony May Result in a Closer Look into the Design-Build Project

PEF President Susan M. Kent delivered a powerful testimony Wednesday, December 11 before the state Assembly Standing Committee. Kent urged the lawmakers to take a cautious approach to the design build method of construction. “New York state can save real money and get greater value out of the dwindling transportation dollars by doing more engineering work in-house and decreasing its reliance on costly... Read more