Dear PEF Members,

Every election matters. Who we choose on November 3 to represent us in the New York State Senate, Assembly, Congress and the White House, will have a drastic impact on the future of organized labor in this country.

So much is at stake: Wages, benefits, workplace safety, health care — everything we collectively bargain for is on the line. We need elected leaders who support PEF priorities.

That’s why I’m glad you came to this page to inform yourself before Election Day. Here are the key dates between now and November 3:

• If you’re not already registered to vote, October 9 is the last day to do that in New York.

• Early voting begins on October 24. Find your polling place here.

• If you are voting via absentee ballot this year, the last day to request one is October 27. Additional instructions and deadlines regarding absentee voting can be seen here.

Finally, as President Spence wrote in his Message to members in the September issue of the Communicator, PEF asks that you educate yourself about who your union has endorsed prior to casting your vote. Each potential candidate was sent a labor questionnaire from your your regional PAC cmte (PAC). Your PAC then attempted to interview each candidate in person and recommended candidates for endorsement to the PEF statewide political action committee (SWPAC). These recommendations were based on the candidates support for PEF policies and previous voting records. The SWPAC reviewed all local recommendations to ensure those recommendations corresponded with PEF legislative initiatives and will bolster union interests. The Executive Board voted on August 28 and 29 to create a final slate of candidates who moved through the many steps to earn a coveted PEF endorsement.

• 2020 PEF-endorsed Presidential Candidate: Joe Biden
• 2020 PEF Senate Endorsed Candidates
• 2020 PEF Endorsements for U.S. Congress
• 2020 PEF-endorsed Assembly Candidates

Thank you again for your involvement in the electoral process. Your vote matters. Your union matters. Together, let’s make our voices heard.

Wayne Spence           Randi DiAntonio
President                    Vice President

Legislative Office Responsibilities

Role of the Legislative Office:

Identify legislation/budget initiatives that will advance or endanger PEF members’ working conditions and other interests and working to stop or get approval of such legislation/budget initiatives.

Work with legislative leaders, legislators and their staffs to introduce and advance legislation identified as a priority in PEF’s State & Federal legislative agendas.
Coordinate PEF’s lobbying efforts at the federal, state, and local levels.
PEF Endorsement Process

Regional PACs interview and endorse candidates. Slates sent to SWPAC. Once approved, slate submitted to Executive Board, which includes PEF leadership, for review and final approval. PEF-endorsed candidates had a proven record of supporting PEF’s legislative and budget priorities.

Campaign Contributions – State and Federal

PEF’s contributions to state and local candidates come from members’ dues. These funds are held in its political action fund. New York State (NYS) Election Law sets the parameters for these contributions. Additionally, PEF has developed statewide PAC guidelines for the use of these monies.

PEF’s federal campaign funds come from voluntary member contributions to its Committee on Political Education (COPE) Fund. PEF works in concert with its two international unions – American Federation of Teachers and Service Employees International Union – on federal elections and campaign funding and activities.

Legislative Staff:

Patrick Lyons – Director

Scott Lorey – Political Organizer/Lobbyist-State

Danielle Little-Thomson – Legislative Assistant

Early Voting and Absentee Voting by Mail

Early Voting and Absentee Voting by Mail – By County

PEF Political Endorsements - 2020

Legislative Priorities

Working closely with the PEF Legislative Department, the Statewide PAC organizes and coordinates political activity on a statewide basis. Each Regional PAC Chair coordinates political activities and programs between the Statewide PAC and the Regional PAC.

Each year, the SWPAC receives membership input for our Legislative Agenda. With technical assistance from our Legislative staff, the SWPAC puts together a draft of our legislative priorities which is reviewed and approved by our Executive Board and then voted on by the 1,000 convention delegates. Our agenda is then communicated to all state legislators and promoted throughout the legislative session.

2019 Budget Highlights

2019 Legislative Highlights

2020 State Legislative Agenda

2020 Federal Legislative Agenda

Political Action Committee

Randi DiAntonio – Vice President, SWPAC Chair
1168-70 Troy-Schenectady Road
Albany NY  12212-2414
W: 800-342-4306 / Fax: 518-783-1117 | gro.f1618955749ep@oi1618955749notnA1618955749iDR1618955749

Region 1 Chairs – (Erie, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Niagara, Wyoming)

Michele Silsby

800-462-1462 | gro.f1618955749ep@yb1618955749sliSM1618955749

Vincent Cicatello – PAC Co-Chair

800-462-1462 | gro.f1618955749ep@ol1618955749letac1618955749iCV1618955749

Joe McCann – PAC Co-Chair

800-462-1462 | gro.f1618955749ep@nn1618955749aCcMJ1618955749

Region 2 Chairs – (Alleghany, Chemung, Schuyler, Steuben, Yates)

Andrew Puleo

800-724-5001 | gro.f1618955749ep@oe1618955749luPA1618955749

Lauren Peffer – PAC Co-Chair

800-724-5001 | moc.o1618955749ohay@1618955749reffe1618955749pneru1618955749al1618955749

Region 3 Chairs – (Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, Wayne)

Colleen Williams

800-724-5003 | gro.f1618955749ep@sm1618955749ailli1618955749WC1618955749

Leisa Abraham – PAC Co-Chair

800-724-5003 | gro.f1618955749ep@ma1618955749harbA1618955749L1618955749

Region 4 Chairs – (Cayuga, Cortland, Jefferson, Onondaga, Oswego, Seneca)

Roberta Stafford

800-724-5004 | gro.f1618955749ep@dr1618955749offat1618955749SR1618955749

Gina Corona – PAC Co-Chair

315-243-6399 | gro.f1618955749ep@an1618955749orocg1618955749

Kenneth Brynien – PAC Co-Chair

800-724-5004 | moc.o1618955749ohay@1618955749htenn1618955749eKnei1618955749nyrB1618955749

Region 5 Chairs – (Broome, Chenango, Delaware Otsego, Tioga, Tompkins)

David Dubofsky

800-724-4998 | gro.f1618955749ep@yk1618955749sfobu1618955749DD1618955749

Scott Staub – PAC Co-Chair

800-724-4998 | gro.f1618955749ep@bu1618955749atSS1618955749

Region 6 Chairs – (Hamilton, Herkimer, Fulton, Madison, Montgomery, Lewis, Oneida)

Daniel Joaquin – PAC Co-Chair

800-724-5005 | moc.o1618955749ohay@1618955749ss13a1618955749es1618955749

Region 7 Chair – (Clinton, Essex, Franklin, St. Lawrence)

Virginia Davey

888-498-8532 | gro.f1618955749ep@ye1618955749vaDV1618955749

Vernon (Sam) Burns – PAC Co-Chair

Region 8 Chairs – (Albany, Columbia, Greene, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, Rensselaer, Warren, Washington)

Mike Blue

800-342-4306 | gro.f1618955749ep@eu1618955749lBM1618955749

Tom Comanzo – PAC Co-Chair

800-342-4306 | moc.l1618955749iamg@1618955749oznam1618955749oCT1618955749

Region 9 Chairs – (Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster, Westchester)

Diane Jaulus

800-548-4870 | gro.f1618955749ep@su1618955749luaJD1618955749

Daniel McCormack – PAC Co-Chair

800-548-4870 | moc.o1618955749ohay@1618955749022ro1618955749tagit1618955749sevnI1618955749rS1618955749

Region 10 Chairs – (Manhattan, Bronx)

Darlene Williams

800-522-8700 | gro.f1618955749ep@sm1618955749ailli1618955749WD1618955749

Tamara Martin – PAC Co-Chair

800-522-8700 | gro.f1618955749ep@ni1618955749traMT1618955749

Radhakrishna Mohan – PAC Co-Chair

800-522-8700 | gro.f1618955749ep@na1618955749hoMR1618955749

Region 11 Chairs – (Kings, Queens, Richmond)

Bernadette O’Conner

866-897-9775 | gro.f1618955749ep@re1618955749nnoCO1618955749B1618955749

Charles Roland – PAC Co-Chair

866-897-9775 | gro.f1618955749ep@dn1618955749aloRC1618955749

Region 12 Chairs – (Nassau, Suffolk)

Nora Higgins

800-832-5284 | gro.f1618955749ep@sn1618955749iggiH1618955749N1618955749

Kevin Wilson – PAC Co-Chair


Christopher Buman

716-759-4932 | gro.f1618955749ep@na1618955749mubc1618955749

Retiree Representative

Bob Reynolds


Jim Carr

800-342-4306 x501 | moc.l1618955749iamg@1618955749dnalt1618955749roc.r1618955749racj1618955749

Political Action Volunteer Form

One way PEF can enhance its political power is by organizing members to volunteer for union endorsed candidates. A strong volunteer base is an essential component of any successful campaign. That is why PEF is currently recruiting politically active members who would like to volunteer their time to work on campaigns for local, state, and congressional campaigns as well as the upcoming Presidential election. Volunteers will be involved with phone banking, literature drops, and rallies. If you are interesting in volunteering, please complete the below form:

PEF Political Action Volunteer Form

  • PEF Member Identification Number

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