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Dear OASAS PEF Colleague,

The Governor placed (into the budget) the merger of OASAS and OMH, (Office of Mental Health). This merger is likely to become law on April 1, 2021, unless there is opposition to it. OASAS has said that integration of the two agencies will take at least two years. Currently, both agencies are telling us that the merger will not affect jobs. In addition to the merger, the State will be completing their pandemic plan by April 1. This plan requires member participation.

The plan includes such things as telecommuting, essential employees, PPE, and other requirements to run the agency during the pandemic. That being said, as your Executive Board representative I’m asking if there are any concerns that you have. If you are a PEF member please fill in the form below with your questions or comments.

Thank you,
William Cruz
OASAS Executive Board Representative
Co-Chair Statewide Labor Management Committee
Co-Chair OASAS S/W Health & Safety Committee

OASAS Merger Concerns and Pandemic Plan