A message from Jim Carr,
Statewide Retiree President

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for us all.  Our inability to meet with family, friends, and retiree members has greatly curtailed our ability to communicate.  There have been several statewide mailings to members and many email blasts from PEF for those who have email addresses on file, to try to keep members updated on what is happening.  Of course, out of concerns for our members’ safety, the Statewide PEF Retiree Executive Board voted not to hold any in-person meetings during the COVID pandemic since our members are the group most vulnerable and no one wanted to risk any retiree members’ safety or life.  Chapter officers have stayed in place through this time to ensure continued ability to reach out as much as we can to keep members informed, but that has not been an easy task.  COVID protocols are changing every day and as more people become vaccinated and the number of cases of the virus continue to decline, we are hoping that sometime in the near future we may be able to safely return to some in-person meetings, just not at the present time.  Please check back from time to time to your Chapter page and watch for any updated information on future in-person or virtual meetings that may be scheduled.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to thank all our retiree members who emailed, phoned, or wrote to legislators urging rejection of the budget items that would have negatively impacted retirees. Your participation helped to make our positions known and to stop the cuts that would have diminished our benefits.

For more information about benefits and resources available to you as a PEF retiree, please visit these pages:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out at 800-342-4306, ext. 288.