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PEF Offered Training – Training & Education

The PEF Training and Education Department is responsible for working with PEF’s elected leaders, members and staff to assess professional development needs and to make available opportunities and resources to enhance knowledge, skills and abilities around:

  • Understanding and representing PEF member’s contractual and legal rights
  • Leading and implementing the initiatives, policies and procedures adopted by the Union
  • Advocating to protect and enhance members’ rights and benefits
  • Enhancing job performance skills and career mobility; maintaining professional licensure and accreditation

Staff in PEF Training and Education partner with internal PEF resources, such as Field Services, Civil Service Enforcement and Contract Administration and with outside academic and topic area experts, including international unions and venders to develop and deliver training through conferences, classroom sessions, online and other media training modalities. The Department responds to requested training by designing programs tailored to the specific identified needs of the group or location to be trained. The training reflects real work life issues and scenarios experienced by PEF members on the job in New York State.

The Department also brokers educational opportunities available contractually through the various Articles and Agreements with the State of New York. Staff represent the Union’s training and educational needs at the Article 15 Professional Development Committee (PDC) meetings with the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations.

Providing supportive training and educational services to PEF membership, elected leaders, and staff is critical to developing and maintaining an informed, actively engaged Union that is both powerful and influential.