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­­­Message from your Statewide Nurses Committee

You’ve heard the words “Thank You” thousands of times in the last year – from lawmakers to hospital administrators to the public you serve. Everyone is effusive in their praise for nurses across the country, whose hard work, dedication and sacrifices helped millions during the pandemic. COVID-19 has shone a light on nurses and health care workers, including all of our PEF brothers and sisters across the state.

We add our thank you to the sea of praise, but we also recognize the importance of that spotlight. Now is the time to lobby for wage parity, safe staffing and hazard pay for the nurses of New York. This year, on Lobby Day, we will bring that message to New York legislators and urge them to look at what we’ve accomplished in the last year and learn from the lessons the pandemic taught us.

The need for safe staffing was rocketed to the forefront as nurses were overwhelmed by the sheer number of patients. In a profession where staffing was already a concern, COVID-19 made the need for safe staffing legislation even more apparent.

And, you can’t achieve safe staffing without wage parity. In New York, state nurses make, on average, 8 percent less than their private sector counterparts. PEF’s Article 44 Committee is delving deep into data to bring this issue into the forefront and push for parity.

COVID-19 brought recognition and hazard pay to some, but not all, in the nursing profession. We believe that PEF nurses deserve the same treatment and the same recognition as their fellow nurses in private hospitals. Our heroes don’t deserve zeroes.

This Nurse’s Newsletter brings you information about Lobby Day; an update on work of the Article 44 Committee; details about recent legislative victories; updates on the fight for geographic pay; and the latest on PEF Contract negotiations.

Thank you again for all that you do and please continue to stay safe.

In solidarity,

PEF Statewide Nurse’s Committee