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Health and Safety Conference 2018


Moving Safety Forward – Respect the Past-Question the Present-Prepare for the Future

NYS and PEF 2018 Health and Safety Conference

January 11-13, 2018

Award Ceremoney
Awards 2018 H&S Conf

Deskercise Office Stretching

Office Ergonomics

Field Staff Safety
Field Staff Safety

Health and Safety Committees
Rebuilding HS Committees

Health and Safety Historical Figures
Historical Figures of Health and Safety

Infectious Disease Awareness
Infectious Disease


Plus One Program Orientation
Plus One Program Orientation

Radon in the Workplace
Radon in the Environment

Risk Assessments
Conducting Risk Assessments Handouts
Using Risk Assessments to Prevent Injury and Illness

Safe Patient Handling- Implementing the Law
Ensuring Compliance with the NYS SPH Law

SHIP Grants- Plenary
Using SHIP Grants Plenary

Vector Borne Disease
Vector Borne Disease Prevention

Work Related Stress and Trauma
Work Related Stress and Trauma

Workers Compensation
Workers Compensation Basics

Working with Combative Patients Clients
Working With Combative Patients Clients

Workplace Violence Programs
Grade your Workplace Violence Prevention Program