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Purchase Card

User Guide

The following videos are in Flash format, and include audio. Set you speaker volume to a comfortable listening level.

Videos are separated into three sections: Training for All, Cardholders, and Managers. Please watch the videos that apply to your role within the Works application. (Approx runtime of all relevant tutorials is 35 minutes for cardholders and 43 minutes for managers/cardholders).

Video Training For All

1) Overview of the Application

Introduces the application and demonstrates how organizations utilize the workflow. Excellent introduction for beginners. (Approx runtime of 4 minutes)

2) Initial Login/Forgot Password

Demonstrates how to log into the application for the first time and reset a password should you delete your welcome email or forget your password. (Approx runtime of 3 minutes)

3) Navigating the Application

Introduces the navigational features of the application that you will use to respond to action items, view your card’s available funds, find reports, and modify the frequency of e-mails from Works. Excellent introduction for beginners. (Approx runtime of 10 minutes)

Video Training for Cardholders

4) Reconciling Transactions Made With Incremental Funds

Demonstrates how to attach transactions to purchase request, reallocate transactions, and sign off on transactions that use Incremental funds. (Approx runtime of 7 minutes)

5) Viewing Your Online Statement and Handling Flagged Tansactions

Demonstrates how to search for transactions, resolve transactions that have been flagged by your manager or accountant, and view or print your statement online. (Approx runtime of 11 minutes)

Video Training for Managers

6) Signing Off Transactions

Demonstrates how to sign off on cardholders’ transactions. (Approx runtime of 5 minutes)

7) Using Standard Reports

Demonstrates how to generate Standard Reports, including viewing the dashboard and company reports. (Approx runtime of 3 minutes)

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