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Request civil service trainings, webinars from NYS Career Mobility Office

The PEF Civil Service Enforcement/Research Department (CSE/R) is continuing its efforts to meet member engagement and education needs, and increase access to available resources related to the work of the department. This month, CSE/R is highlighting the offerings of the NYS Career Mobility Office (CMO).

Did you know that PEF labor-management committee chairs, Executive Board members, council leaders, and field representatives throughout the state can arrange to have live civil service trainings and webinars presented to their members and colleagues?

If you are interested in receiving a training or webinar, contact your PEF leader and ask them to request it.

Through the CMO, union leaders and staff can plan and host trainings on topics addressing the administration of the Civil Service merit and fitness system, position information, and career plan development.

As the CMO is partially funded by PEF and other negotiating units, PEF relies on CMO staff to conduct trainings, workshops, and modules specifically tailored to the needs of New York state agencies and their employees. CMO staff members are eager to work with PEF leaders to design and schedule the most relevant programming for members around the state.

Topics covered by the CMO include areas of frequent concern to PEF members as they relate to civil service enforcement. These topics include, but are not are not limited to:

• Understanding the Merit System: Learn how to navigate your career in the Civil Service Merit System;

• Examinations and eligible lists: Learn about the examination process, how lists are used and the capabilities of the Eligible List Management System (ELMS) online; and

• Glossary of Titles Inquiry Tool (GOT-IT) Website Demonstration: Learn how to use resources available on the GOT-IT website to navigate your career.

Additional information about CMO offerings can be found via their information packet and the Career Mobility Office website: https://careermobilityoffice.cs.ny.gov/cmo/index.cfm.

Please contact James Keough at the Career Mobility Office for more information about scheduling trainings: (518) 485-6199, or online at vog.y1627456589n.sc@1627456589omc1627456589. You may also contact Lydia Brassard in the PEF CSE/R at (gro.f1627456589ep@dr1627456589assar1627456589bl1627456589) with additional questions.

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