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Thank You for All You Do: Region 6 hosts Member Appreciation Days


PEF members are willing to go above and beyond for the people of New York during the current public health and economic crises.

Now it’s time to show them some appreciation.

PEF Organizing and Divisions, joined by PEF leaders, hosted two Member Appreciation Days September 2 and 3 in Region 6, bringing in food trucks, setting up tables at four locations throughout the region and inviting members to come out and enjoy well-deserved thanks for all they do.

“Connecting with our members in person and in a safe way was such a wonderful experience,” said PEF Vice-President Randi DiAntonio. “It was rewarding to show them our gratitude and gave us an opportunity to hear their issues around workplace safety, reopening and redeployments, telecommuting and much more.”

Region 6 Advocate Vicky Stockton said members were grateful PEF made the effort to show its appreciation.

“This was really nice,” she said. “It was a very nice appreciation. I thought the food truck was a brilliant idea.”

She acknowledged that the large geographic area that Region 6 presents made it difficult for some members to reach a location during their lunch break and leaders are looking at ways to reach more members with future events. “We really appreciate all the feedback,” she said.

“We acknowledge the feedback regarding the difficulties members had getting to the locations and will consider their feedback for future membership engagement activities,” said PEF Director of Organizing Dan Carpenter. “Issues like that and others highlight the need for a regional event/planning committee and we would hope that members would consider joining one once they are created.”

Membership engagement has been difficult during the pandemic, with offices shutdown, limits on large gatherings and the need for social distancing. Getting out and meeting with members face-to-face in a safe way was rewarding for union leaders and PEF staff alike.

“It was great to see our members again,” Carpenter said. “The local leaders we worked with really thought this would be a great way to show our appreciation for the continued commitment their members make each and every day for their communities and to allow us to be safe and practice social distancing and masking guidelines.”

Additionally, it was a chance to brainstorm ideas for future use of division finances in ways that would be beneficial and meaningful to members in Region 6.

“This opportunity was a great way to thank our members,” said PEF Assistant Director of Divisions Kristie Furman. “It also allowed us the opportunity to speak with and strategize with local leadership on how to effectively use PEF financial resources allocated to each division to continue to engage with their divisional membership during this time and into the future.”