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During Women’s History month in March, PEF recognized and celebrated female members who have demonstrated significant accomplishments or leadership. Members were asked to nominate women in the union’s ranks who have demonstrated at least one of the following qualities:

• Leadership
• Service and community engagement
• Key characteristics of a leader
• Committed to diversity, equity and inclusion
• Continued support of union values

Women’s History Month was established by Congress in 1987 to address the fact that, “the role of American women in history has been consistently overlooked and undervalued in the body of American history” and that to remedy this “the President is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe such month with appropriate ceremonies and activities.” (Public Law 110-9) In his 1987 proclamation, President Ronald Reagan stated: “I call upon all Americans to mark this month with appropriate observances to honor the achievements of American women.”

The following PEF members were honored and recognized:

Stephanie Belisle
Resources & Reimbursement 4

Rhiannon Boehm
Hab Spec 1
OPWDD Finger Lakes DDSO

Angela Czerkas
Developmental Disabilities Program Specialist
OPWDD Finger Lakes DDSO

Kayle DuPree
Teacher 4
OMH Elmira PC

Meghan Dwyer
Hab Spec 2
OPWDD Finger Lakes DDSO

Malia Fredrickson
Licensed Master Social Worker 1

Rebecca Gordon
Nurse 2
OPWDD – Finger Lakes DDSO

Jennifer Kirk
Training Specialist 1
OMH Elmira PC

Dr. Sharon Krinsky-McHale
Research Scientist 5

Michelle Maldonado
Senior UI Hearing Rep

Stephanie McLean-Beathley
Licensed Master Social Worker 2

Cathy Sawyer
Special Education Assistant
Batavia School for the Blind

Carmen Vianese
Occupational Therapist Assistant 2
OPWDD Finger Lakes DDSO

Shannon Wagner
Nurse 2
OPWDD – Finger Lakes DDSO

Tanya Wells
Nurse 3 Psy
OMH Elmira PC

Shoshana Williams
Hab Spec 1

Shelby Wisneski
Social Worker Assistant 3
OPWDD Finger Lakes DDSO