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Pay downgrade for disability analyst 2s prevented

With PEF support, on August 28, the state Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) was successful in its appeal to the state Civil Service Commission (CSC) in retaining the Grade 20 allocation for the Disability Analyst 2 job title.

Working with the agency, the PEF OTDA Labor-Management team, the Civil Service Enforcement/Research Department, and PEF Field Services staff were successful in demonstrating to the CSC that the decision made by the Classification and Compensation Division to downward reallocate DA 2’s to Grade 18 was unfounded because incumbents in the DA 2 title continue to perform the core duties at the Grade 20 level.

“This is an important victory, as it continues to showcase the importance of the job that our members perform and it protects their pay,” said PEF President Wayne Spence.