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NYS Fund Our Future

PEF has partnered with one of its parent unions, AFT, and In the Public Interest, a national research and policy center focused on fighting back against privatization, to create NYS Fund Our Future. The mission of the coalition is to build a thriving New York by making the case for government in the public interest.

Secretary-Treasurer Kay Wilkie was asked by President Wayne Spence to lead the PEF team, which also includes Vice President Randi DiAntonio and includes directors from the communications, legislative, organizing and research departments.

“Government is supposed to be by the people and for the people,” said Spence. “Fund Our Future was created to make sure that people in power won’t get away with reducing the size and strength of the public sector. We look forward to growing the coalition and spreading its message across the Empire State.”

We are in the process of creating a broad campaign to communicate that message. Our first efforts have already yielded some fruit, with a pair of op-eds focused on the mental health crisis in the state and why proposals to further limit and cut services are so misguided. You can read the first op-ed in The New York Daily News and the second that was written for The Gotham Gazette. Future op-eds are planned about the necessity for investments in public health as well as the importance of public sector involvement in infrastructure reform.

We will reprint all future op-eds here and keep members informed as NYS Fund Our Future evolves.