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How about a retirement incentive? 

To the Editor:
I’m proud and appreciate all of the efforts PEF has made for this PS&T contract, but how about a retirement incentive?

John Roglieri

Editor’s note: Retirement incentives are not negotiated or a part of the union contracts with the state. Retirement incentives must be passed by the state Legislature and signed into law by the governor. The state sometimes offers them when it wants to significantly reduce its workforce faster than is likely to result from a hiring freeze combined with normal attrition. Currently no plan for such a reduction in the state workforce is in place.

Hold out for best contract deal

To the Editor:
Please don’t cave in on (PS&T) contract negotiations. 

We (should be) willing to wait and wait for a fair contract.  Other unions held out on the last contract and they got better benefits all the way around.

Deborah Harrington
Clifton Park

Editor’s note: Actually the other state-employee unions did not do better than PEF in negotiating their last contract. And on page 118 of the current 2016-2019 PS&T contract is a letter to PEF President Wayne Spence dated October 19, 2016, from the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations stating that PEF can reopen salary negotiations during the term of the contract if another NY state employee union negotiates better direct pay increases for its members than PEF members received.

Where does PEF stand on right-to-work laws?

To the Editor:
Does the union support NYS to become a right-to-work state?

Jarek Flanders

Editor’s note: No, PEF does not support New York becoming a right-to-work state. The term “right-to-work” is actually very misleading. It is used by union opponents to describe states that allow non-union members to benefit from union contracts without being union members and without paying dues or fees to support the negotiation and enforcement of those contracts.

What did you mean? 

To the Editor:
What does it mean (in a story on the state budget) that there was a subsidy of a million dollars restored to Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center?

You should explain things like that.

Donna Case

Editor’s note: It refers to money the state has provided to Roswell Park in the past, but that the governor left out of his 2019 Executive Budget proposal. When he and state legislative leaders negotiated the final state budget, that funding was restored. (See The President’s Message, page 3 of the April Communicator).

Roswell Park used to be a state Health Department facility, and PEF still represents many health care and research employees there.

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