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Letters to the Editor

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Member caught in child care dilemma

To the Editor:

What is the union doing for those of us who aren’t telecommuting and have children going back to school on the hybrid model or remote learning completely?

I shouldn’t have to be exhausting my (leave accrual) time to stay home, when it’s not my fault they are home to begin with and that my employer doesn’t allow for telecommuting.


Editor’s Note:
Members in this situation should work with their field representative to request emergency family medical leave under the FFCRA. If denied, the field representative could file a grievance or assist the member in filing a grievance.

PEF Field Services has filed grievances related to this issue for other members, and PEF Contract Administration has recommended that grievances on this issue that are denied be appealed to Step 3.

This general issue was the subject of a lawsuit that the NYS attorney general brought against the US Department of Labor. The AG won the case at the first level, but it is possible that the US DOL will appeal that decision to a higher court.

Any retirement incentive news yet?

To the Editor:

I am a Grade 17 laboratory equipment designer working at SUNY Buffalo.
Do you have any knowledge if Assembly Bill A10595 is in effect or when it will be?


Editor’s Note:
The bill, which relates to a possible retirement incentive, was referred to the Assembly Government Employees Committee June 5. The Assembly website reports no further action on the bill at this time. The state budget director has stated that any decisions on state-employee furloughs or layoffs will be made after the November 3 general election.

Wants more info on Spence

To the Editor:

Mr. President Wayne Spence, please tell me more about yourself.


Editor’s note: PEF President Wayne Spence’s biography is available on the PEF website at https://www.pef.org/about/union-leadership/president-wspence/.


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