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Letters to the Editor

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Will state offer retirement incentive?

To the Editor:

Is there any word on a rumor of a so-called retirement incentive for NYS workers?  I heard something about three years of service time being added on.



Editor’s Note:  Unfortunately, we are just entering this terrible economic and fiscal morass.  Right now, your union is fighting for federal support for state operations and for the state to spread the financial burden so that everyone pays their fair share to fight this war on COVID-19.

The state is implementing a plan to reduce agency budgets by 10percent, but right now it is limited to a firm hiring freeze and a hold on all discretionary spending.

Your union is fighting to make sure all PEF members are able to continue to do their jobs and serve the public throughout this crisis.  That said, if and when the state looks to reduce the state workforce, PEF will support and work for an early retirement incentive for use as a tool to achieve necessary savings AND to maintain the quality and continuity of state services.

Thanks, PEF, For masks

To the Editor:

On Monday, April 20, (PEF Director of Organizing) Dan Carpenter and (PEF Chief of Staff) Chris Leo coordinated for the delivery of masks to CDPC (Capital District Psychiatric Center) to help PEF members during this pandemic.  Chris Leo even delivered them to the facility.

The CDPC members were overjoyed and extremely grateful  to receive the masks!!!!!  They all expressed their gratitude that you and PEF were helping to look out for their safety during this difficult time.  It reinforces their belief in PEF.

Thank you for the masks and brightening the members’ days as they struggle to do their jobs or their redeployed jobs with new responsibilities.  It is greatly appreciated by myself and by the members of CDPC.

Thank you again.



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