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Letters to the Editor

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Shouldn’t take magic to become permanent

To the Editor:

Hey, PEF,
Make me permanent, or do you need magic for that?


Editor’s Note:

PEF is working to stop state agencies from abusing their ability to hire “temporary” employees who are provisional and lack permanent status, even though they work for years doing the same work as permanent employees.

PEF members in these temporary positions are often paid hourly wages and lack many of the protections and benefits enjoyed by their fellow PEF members who are in permanent positions. The PEF contract team has raised this issue at the bargaining table and the union also is trying to get the state Department of Civil Service to offer more frequent exams that would allow these employees to move into permanent positions. No one should be left in a temporary position for up to 10 years or even more.

When do I get a pay raise?

To the Editor:

I noticed the contract ends this year what’s happening to a pay raise?

the Bronx

Editor’s Note:

Please see stories in this issue of The Communicator that address PS&T contract negotiations.

Trashing unions is the real trash

To the Editor:

Reducing garbage is something everyone should do their best to achieve. Whether using fewer plastics, reusing T-shirts as rags, or composting, waste reduction benefits everyone and is good for our budgets.

What makes me scratch my head is why thousands of my fellow workers were forced to throw away the steaming pile of trash (anti-union ad) the Times Union wrapped around it’s September 22, Sunday paper. I know times are hard for newspapers today. I listen to the Media Project on WAMC (where this issue is discussed) – and they need cash. But, seriously, this garbage stinks to high heaven!

Reactionary manipulators are out there trying to get my fellow workers to leave their unions. Funded by “libertarian” capitalists and their dark money groups, they seek to encourage the working class to pursue a misguided self-interest that would isolate workers and weaken unions.

Why? To lower wages, to take back civil liberties, to accelerate wealth redistribution to the rich, and undermine democracy. Unions stand in their way. We always will, because we are the working class. Solidarity now! Solidarity forever!

My recommendation to my all my fellow union members is to do the environmentally responsible action – take that stinking heap of Koch- and Mercer-funded NY New Choice poo-poo you found wrapped around your morning paper, crumple it up, and put it in the recycling. Alternatively, it could be used as a litterbox liner, or composted.

By working together in Solidarity, we can improve everyone’s working conditions and the environment!


Wants more than 2% pay raises

To the Editor:

I agree with (a previous writer’s) comment about fighting for a good contract.

If the governor is pro-union, why did we get the horrific previous contracts of like, 2 percent, and then 2 percent, 2 percent and 2 percent?

Getting 2 percent, 2, percent, 2percent, and 2 percent is not acceptable. We also need a great increase in location pay based on the federal model.

New York City


When do we get a raise?

To the Editor:

What about our raises???


Editor’s Note:

Please see stories in this issue of The Communicator that address PS&T contract negotiations.

What do PEF, PEF Retirees do for retirees?

To the Editor:

I am a retiree and the rates are going up.

What do you do for the retiree’s?


Editor’s Note:

It’s not clear what rates are being referenced. Neither PEF, nor PEF Retirees can negotiate health care premiums with the insurance companies. That is left to the state Department of Civil Service. However, PEF Retirees has raised its dues from $1.50/month to $3/month. The PEF Retirees column in this issue of The Communicator has more information about that.

Regarding PEF Retirees, here are some of the benefits of belonging to that organization:

  • PEF Retiree Chapter meetings and events;
  • Advocacy on retirement issues;
  • Volunteer opportunities;
  • Monthly digital news and quarterly mailings
  • The eCommunicator;
  • Access to Davis Vision Premier Plan;
  • Access to Retiree Dental Plan;
  • Access to Family Hearing Benefits; and
  • Access to the Membership Benefits Program (MBP) benefits that include:
    • Auto/Home/Renter insurance
    • Continuation of Group Term Life insurance;
    • Defensive Driving course;
    • Educational seminars
    • Financial planning and credit counseling;
    • Free education benefit;
    • Identity theft services;
    • Voluntary legal plan;
    • Pet insurance;
    • Discounted tickets for movies, theme and water parks, performing arts, sporting events and ski lifts;
    • Gift cards
    • Car rentals;
    • Hotels;
    • And Albany park and ride.

What’s happening with the contract?

To the Editor:

What are you doing to get us more pay and decent insurance costs for our next contract?

We’ve been working without a contract for six months.


Editor’s Note:

Please see stories in this issue of The Communicator that address PS&T contract negotiations.

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