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Letters to the Editor

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Would new contract benefit retirees?

To the Editor:
Hi.  Quick question, as I did not see info in my reading of contract or related articles.

I am a state PEF retiree (since 2016).  Did retirees gain anything in this contract besides being part of negotiated cost increases?

I have been a loyal PEF member for over 30 years and lived through many of the 0% years.  Curiosity has the best of me at this moment.


Editor’s note:  State law does not allow the union to bargain on behalf of its retired members.  However, members who retired after the last PS&T contract expired April 1, 2019, would receive retroactive pay and benefits for the period they remained in state service after that date.  Since the writer of the letter above retired in 2016, he would not be eligible for any retroactive pay or benefits.

How soon can we vote and get our money?

To the Editor:
When is the vote and when would we get retro pay?


Editor’s note: Ballots will be mailed July 2 by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) to PEF members in the state’s PS&T bargaining unit. Look for an orange envelope in your mailbox. They must be returned in the postage-paid envelope so that they are received at AAA by 5 p.m. on July 26 and will be counted July 27. 

Information is not yet available on how soon retroactive pay would be received by members if the tentative contract is ratified and signed. 

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