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#ashtag Fridays campaign kicks off to show support for the PEF Contract Team



You may have noticed smiling children striking poses while holding #PEFdeservesafaircontract signs popping up on your Facebook or Twitter feed on a recent Friday. Or, you may have seen a family at a ballgame holding signs with #FamiliesSupportPEF and #KidsbackPEF.

In fact, Fridays have been inundated with photos of PEF members holding up hashtag signs.

The appearance of these photos on Fridays is no coincidence — it’s part of #ashtag Fridays, a new campaign to show support of PEF’s Contract Team as negotiations with the state continue.

PEF launched #ashtag Fridays May 24 and began collecting photos of members and their families and friends holding signs with simple hashtag messages, such as #IsupportPEF, #PEFdeservesafaircontract, #KidsBackPEF, and #FamiliesSupportPEF.

You can download and print signs from the PEF website. If you think you can come up with a better hashtag than those available, you can print a blank template. Have some fun with it — print the signs in color or on colored paper.

Once you have your message ready, take a group shot or a selfie and post it on your Facebook and Twitter pages, and ask your family and friends to do the same. Then send your photos to gro.f1632201782ep@tn1632201782arbll1632201782iWK1632201782 for posting on PEF social media pages and watch our support grow.

“We are stressing the importance of treating PEF members with the respect they deserve at the table and at the workplace,” said PEF Contract Team Chair Darlene Williams. “We need to continue to show our unity and our strength. Join us on #ashtag Fridays and show your support.”

Download and print #ashtag signs below to use in your photos.








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