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Communications Department earns awards

The PEF Communications Department received five awards in June from the Metro New York Labor  Communications Council for its 2019 journalism contest for work done in 2018.

Deborah A. Miles, former PEF reporter, received the Mary Heaton Vorse award for her article “Right Place Right Time and a Miracle Occurs,” which appeared in the October 2018 issue of The Communicator. One award was given across all circulation classes.

The award is named for Vorse, a leading labor journalist, who “sensed where action would begin and covered all major labor events in the first half of this century,” according to Metro NY.

Miles also received third place for Best Headline for her Labor History article, “How Trolley Cars Electrified the Labor Movement,” from the November 2018 issue.

PEF Reporter/Editor Sherry Halbrook received a first place award for Best News Writing for her article, “PEF on the March to Get Members Involved, Informed,” from the September 2018 issue.

Halbrook also received a second place award for Best Feature for her article, “Seeing the Justice Center from the Inside Looking Out,” which appeared in the July/August 2018 issue.

The May 2018 President’s Message, “Together, We’re Achieving So Much,” received an Honorable Mention for Best Op Ed.

Miles’ Mary Heaton Vorse article and Halbrook’s first-place article were both featured in the 2019 Metro NY annual journal.

— Kate Mostaccio

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