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PEF’s gratitude and best wishes go out to its members who are retiring and moving on to the next chapter of their lives.

The union hopes they will join PEF Retirees and remain active and valued participants in the PEF family.

This month, we salute:

  • Dawn M. D’Arcangelo, PEF Division 190, state Department of Taxation and Finance;
  • Deborah Dwyer, PEF Division 187, state Law Department;
  • Mary Hart, PEF Division 205, state Health Department;
  • Ruth Madigan, PEF Division 357, state Office of Information Technology Services;
  • Pamela Stone-Campbell, PEF Division 225, SUNY Stony Brook;
  • John Williams, PEF Division 236, state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision;

Are you or PEF members you know retiring? Please send information for this column to gro.f1627389774ep@ro1627389774tacin1627389774ummoc1627389774eht1627389774.

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