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eCommunicator Email – August 16, 2019

TheCommunicatoreCommunicator | August 16, 2019

The President’s Message

Wayne Spence

Wayne Spence, PEF President

Enjoy summer, and don’t forget to stay #UNIONSTRONG


I hope everyone is taking some time to enjoy the summer with family and friends, perhaps even attending one of the PEF Membership Benefits (MBP) Family Fun Days. In New York state, we are so fortunate to have access to some of the most beautiful lakes, beaches, state parks and mountains in the country, many cared for by our fellow PEF members.

One group of PEF members who remain hard at work this summer is the PEF Contract Team. They are, in fact, at the negotiating table as I write this message, continuing to advocate for your top priorities: compensation, including discussions on longevity pay, overtime and on-call eligibility, geographic adjustments, labor-management issues and permanence for long-term hourly employees. More details on the contract talks here.

E. Board: Show up for labor parades to get good contract

Labor Day ParadeWhat do PEF, Passion and Parades have in common? Winning a new PS&T contract.

PEF Contract Team Chair Darlene Williams brought the union’s Executive Board members to their feet in August in standing ovations when she expressed her passionate determination to stay at the bargaining table until a fair agreement can be reached, and when she told them the most important thing PEF members can do now to help get that agreement is to show up in big numbers to march in September labor parades.

Williams said she believes the governor and his bargaining team still don’t appreciate how unified and fired up PEF members really are in their determination to win a strong new contract.

Family Fun Day

Family Days:
A union benefit for the whole family

A wave of PEF members wearing yellow wristbands rolled into The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom theme park in Queensbury on Aug. 10 for the last PEF Membership Benefits Program (MBP) Family Day of the season.

Before the park opened to the public that day it opened to 2,300 PEF members and their families and friends for an exclusive ride hour and when the gates opened, families quickly made for their favorite rides and sections of the park.

Older children and teens may have headed for the Sasquatch, Flashback, and Greezed Lightnin.’ Younger kids urged their family toward Hootie’s Treehouse, Oakley’s Honey Swings, and Frankie’s Mine Train. For the whole family, maybe the Canyon Blaster, Giant Wheel, or the Cannonball Express were the intended destinations.

PEF honors 17 parole members for outstanding service


PEF Division 236 and Region 9 honored 17 state parole officers and two judges at a special July event held in Cortlandt for their outstanding and meritorious service.

PEF Division 236 represents nearly 900 NYS parole officers, senior parole officers, parole revocation specialists and administrative law judges at the state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision statewide. The officers and other employees recognized at the event today are based at offices in Poughkeepsie, Peekskill and New Rochelle.

Scenic Byways

Scenic Byways: Leading native New Yorkers, visitors to the best of the state

Most of us drive the roads of New York every day. To and from work, school, the store, or on vacation. But not all roadways are created equal. Some have more value beyond a means to get from Point A to Point B than others and that value is what can set them apart as New York State Scenic Byways.

PEF member Christine Colley, a senior landscape architect with the state Department of Transportation (DOT), is the coordinator for New York’s Scenic Byways Program.

Despite their name, “not all byways are just scenic, some tell a story,” said Colley. “Certain portions of the state highway system have scenic, historic, recreational, cultural and archaeological value and are worthy of designation as a scenic byway,” she said, quoting New York’s Highway Law § 349-aa.


Management responds quickly to gunfire incident at DMV office 

Imagine arriving at work to find someone had opened fire on your office building.

PEF-represented employees at the Department of Motor Vehicles Office at 855 Central Ave. in Albany were among the DMV and Planned Parenthood staff who arrived to work July 23 to learn that bullets had been fired at the building sometime overnight.

Division 211 Council Leader Ralph Mabb III said there are not many PEF-represented DMV staff at that office but he spoke to a member assigned to the district office at a recent clambake and PEF has been closely monitoring the situation. “We were very alarmed,” he said. “It did impact employees. It would impact anyone, coming to work and seeing bullet holes. Employees were shaken up. Rightfully so.”

Labor Day
PEF Labor Day Parades!

Let’s show our collective strength and let the Governor know NYS could not Run without PEF Union Members!
RSVP here for your Region:


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