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eCommunicatorHeaderfor-storyJune 27, 2019


PEF focus on contract and legislative success in 2019 


Negotiations on a new PS&T contract with the state are going strong. And even in these early days of talks, I am gratified to see the PEF contract team can count on your show of support as it continues to work hard negotiating the contract  you all deserve.

As contract talks got underway, PEF members from every region of the state and from every agency participated in our Members in Black campaign and now in its fourth week, the PEF #ashtagFridays campaign is going strong!

You might ask how campaigns like these can result in a better contract for the membership. That is a valid question and the answer is simple: A visibly united membership gives the PEF contract team added strength at the bargaining table. We have, in fact, started hanging photos of our members on the walls during contract talks to ensure the governor’s team never forgets the important work we all do for the residents of New York state while figuratively giving each one of us a seat at the table.

The members of the PEF contract team, chaired by Region 10 Coordinator Darlene Williams, heard your voices at the contract town halls and tele-conferences we held earlier this year and believe that PEF members have a #RealVoice and deserve #RealRespect!  As the negotiation process continues, you can be assured that the PEF contract team will not let up in its efforts to ensure that all PEF members earn a fair wage and have adequate health care benefits at a fair cost. We will accept nothing less. To this end, our team, along with chief negotiator Mark Richard is developing an arsenal of tactics, should we  need them, to fight fire with fire.

What can you do to support the PEF team?

  • Continue to send us your #ashtagFridays photos (gro.f1627456193ep@tn1627456193arbll1627456193iwk1627456193) and share them on your own social media pages so our friends, family and communities can show the governor’s team that PEF members have support for the work we do providing vital services to all of New York state.
  • Check the PEF website, official PEF Facebook and Twitter pages for contract updates.
  • Be prepared to engage in the kinds of actions that demonstrate our determination and unity.

Unity is our strongest asset and together we remain #UNIONSTRONG!

I also want to update you on our highly successful legislative session that ended just days ago. See the 2019 Legislative Session Wrap-Up

#RealVoice #RealRespect #RealProfessionals • #WinningTheFutureTogether

cardhandMembership cards are ALWAYS available online at https://apps.pef.org/join-pef.html, or you can request one through your steward, council leader or regional coordinator.

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