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PEF members post your video; star in PEF’s Go Public campaign

ShowcaseYourValueBy DEBORAH A. MILES

Since the digital billboards touting the Go Public campaign have been spotted from Buffalo to Times Square, the consensus is they are a hit.

“We hope everyone that sees our billboards likes them, and is proud of them,” said Andrew Puleo, chair of the Go Public committee and PEF Region 2 coordinator.

“Our members are applauding the theme to “invest in public employees,” and to see real PEF members bigger than life. This was the first step of this campaign, and it’s become inspiring to the membership,” Puleo said.

Due to the enthusiasm surrounding the billboards, the Go Public committee is focusing on highlighting members by showcasing their value on Facebook.

“We are asking members to Go Public with us in a social media way to inform all of New York about the vital and great work PEF members perform every day. This is not only a hashtag #TogetherWeWin movement, but something exciting, fun and current to promote PEF’s membership and the mission of the labor movement,” Puleo said.

To showcase your important role in the state workforce, PEF is asking members to record a video clip of yourself at your work station or job site. Be creative and have a co-worker take the video.

Introduce yourself, in 30 seconds or less, and include your job title and why your work is important to the state.

The next step is to upload the video to your personal Facebook page, make it public, and make sure to use the hashtag #GoPublic.

Your video will then be posted on PEF’s official Facebook page and on the pef.org “Stop Privatization – Go Public” website page to showcase your value.

“I want to encourage members to participate so the public can see more real faces with real messages,” Puleo said. “Social media is another avenue to let everyone know PEF members are the true stars of New York state.”

If you have any questions, or need advice or help, contact the PEF Communications Department (formerly Public Relations) at 518-785-1900 ext. 277 or email gro.f1632322340ep@ci1632322340lbupo1632322340g1632322340.

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